Ethnic-Based Genetic Disease Scholarly Paper

Cultural competence is the ability to provide holistically effective care to patients who come from different cultures. In nursing, there is a requirement to be sensitive to communication, both verbally and non-verbally. It is an evolving process that depends on self-awareness, knowledge, attitude, and development and application of skills. Nurses should never make assumptions about their patient’s beliefs.

       Being culturally insensitive can lead to stereotyping, discrimination, racism, and prejudice. Some cultures do not call elders by their first names. Nurses should always ask how the patient wants to be addressed. Some cultures would not allow a male nurse to examine a female patient so the team should be aware of this cultural issue. People may have different beliefs about medical care and treatment in the United States, and the nurse needs to offer respect and gain knowledge of the patient’s situation.

       In the healthcare systems of today, healthcare providers are diverse. Nurses have much to offer from their own culture. Culture is universal and dynamic. It is taught to other members of the health care team as a matter of sharing. Distinctions between culture, ethnicity, race, and religion may be confusing. Think of it this way, you are a member of the subculture of the student, you are also a member of an ethnic group, (e.g. Portuguese-American from the Azores), a racial group (white, African American), and religion (Roman Catholic, Jewish), each with its own set of beliefs and values. So, your culture is a blend of all of those characteristics (Treas & Wilkinson, 2014).

Scholarly Paper Guidelines

Identify an ethnic-based genetic disease on the Boston Medical Center Website using the following link: (Links to an external site.)

  1. Give a brief overview of the ethnic group for the genetic disease chosen for your project (Please note that the same genetic disease may be found in multiple ethnic groups).
  2. Give a general overview of the genetic disease (life expectancy, signs, symptoms, etc.).
  3. Give brief detail about the genetics of the disease process (i.e. dominant, recessive, paternal, maternal, deletion mutation, etc.).
  4. Discuss what places the person at risk for the worsening of the disease.
  5. Discuss what interventions (i.e. diet, medications, lifestyle changes, environmental changes, etc.) would benefit the afflicted person.
  6. Discuss how you would integrate their cultural needs with their disease requirements when developing education and/or a plan of care for them (i.e. combining the need to fast during a religious holiday or time period with the need to stay hydrated).
  7. Discuss any associated needs (coping, mental health, etc.) that would need to be included in the education of your patient and their families (i.e. some diseases may be physically disfiguring requiring counseling for the patient or even their families).

 Length of paper: Approximately Four (4) pages, excluding the title page and references.

Must follow APA 7th edition student paper format

A minimum of four (4) current peer-reviewed scholarly resources are required for maximum points.

Turnitin is enabled. Please check the similarity score after submitting the paper. If the score is > 20%, revise the paper to bring it down to 20% or below.


Scholarly Paper

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeAdresses assigned topic95 ptsExceptionalTopics are covered in a complete, concise manner. Demonstrates a clear understanding of the relevance and significance of nursing practice. Addresses all required elements.75 ptsMeets ExpectationsTopics are covered. Conveys an understanding of the relevance and significance of nursing practice. Content missing for a minimal number of required elements.45 ptsNeeds ImprovementTopics only slightly covered or lack substance. Limited relevance and significance to nursing practice. Content missing for several required elements.0 ptsInsufficient or LackingSubstantial information not covered or covered inaccurately, is unclear, confusing or does not address assigned topic.95 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeEvidence of critical thinking95 ptsExceptionalDemonstrates a clear understanding of the topic. Relates readings to research. Summarizes information gained and how it applies to professional nursing practice.75 ptsMeets ExpectationsConveys an understanding of the topic. Some inconsistencies in making connections between readings and research or summarizing the information. Limited application to professional nursing practice.45 ptsNeeds ImprovementConveys limited evidence of understanding the topic. Connections between readings and research are unclear, not firmly established, or are not obvious. Minimal or unclear application to professional nursing practice.0 ptsInsufficient or LackingDoes not demonstrate understanding or evidence of connections between readings and research. Lacks application to professional nursing practice. Class assignment is not completed as instructed.95 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeReferences35 ptsExceptionalIncludes four (4) or more references from current peer-reviewed reliable resources.25 ptsMeets ExpectationsIncludes three (3) references from current peer-reviewed reliable resources.15 ptsNeeds ImprovementIncludes (2) references from current peer-reviewed reliable resources.0 ptsInsufficient or LackingIncludes less than two references, or no citations are included.35 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeAPA Format and Organization of the paperGrammar
25 ptsExceptionalCorrect APA format. 0-1 APA error. Well organized, thought out, and structure with proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Organization makes the presentation clear and easy to follow.15 ptsMeets ExpectationsMinor errors in APA format. 2 – 4 APA errors Organized and structured. Minor issues wit5 ptsNeeds ImprovementMultiple errors in APA format. 5 – 6 APA errors. Poor structure or organization. Multiple issues with grammar, spelling, or punctuation.0 ptsInsufficient or LackingMajor errors in APA format. More than 6 APA errors. Disorganized or confusing structure. Major issues with grammar, spelling, or punctuation.25 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeLate Assignment Submissions0 ptsNo DescriptionFive percent (5%) will be deducted for each day up until five (5) days past the due date. Course work received over five (5) days past the due date will not be graded and students will receive a zero (0) for the assignment0 ptsNo Description0 pts
Total Points: 250


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